Frequently Asked Questions

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How to buy?

The products can be ordered by filling out the purchase form, it opens by clicking the Buy button (in the product description), or by calling the number +38267 467 539.

In order to complete the form, you need to provide your full name, email address, phone number, city, and address. Once you submit the filled form, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange payment methods, delivery, and other details.

Of course, the doors of our workshop are always open to all those interested. We are located in Bistrica - the municipality of Mojkovac. Feel free to call us for more information; we are at your service.
Contact phone:  067 467 539
Our location:

Most of our gusle have a free space for an inscription or initials. This option is particularly suitable when you're looking for an original gift. The advantage is that you don't have to wait for the crafting of gusle.

Of course, you can choose from the available ones or request the crafting of a new bow for gusle according to your preferences. Crafting a new one will take some time, couple days for simple models and up to ten for complicated ones.

Price and payment

The prices of all available products are listed on the website . VAT is included in the price displayed on the website.

Payment is made by bank transfer in:
  • Hipotekarna bank Montenegro to account number: 520-39295-45
  •  CKB Montenegro, to account number: 510-95825-73. 
  • Incoming payments from abroad are made to the following account: ME25520042000001343268 THEM DOO, BISTRICA BB, MOJKOVAC, MONTENEGRO. 
As the purpose of payment, it is necessary to state the product name and ID, as well as the invoice number (in the debit number field).
 If you are picking up gusle in person, it is possible to pay with cash. In any case, you will receive a bill for the product(s) you have bought.

Gusle making process

Most of our models are made from maple wood. We also have gusle made from plum wood:,, and alder wood:, which also produce a smooth and clear sound and have a distinctive color.

Yes, the buyer can choose the motifs, color, and inscriptions to personalize his gusle.

The price is determined by time required to craft the gusle. Gusle without woodcarvings and with fewer details require less labor, hence the price will be lower.

If you want to order gusle that are currently not available or custom-made gusle with motifs of your choice, the crafting time is approximately one month.


No, we carefully pack gusle in styrofoam that matches their shape, which is then covered with cardboard to secure them from potential damage.

The delivery cost is not included in the product price and depends on the price list of the courier service which delivers it. If the website states that the product has free delivery in Montenegro, the delivery is at the expense of DOO THEM.

Yes, we provide delivery to all European countries, as well as the United States and Canada. The delivery cost depends on the country and is calculated according to the price list of the Montenegro Post (Pošta Crne Gore), whose services we use for international shipments. The delivery cost is based on the package's weight (the weight of the packaged gusle does not exceed 4 kg) and the value of the gusle. On the website of Pošta Crne Gore, within the online calculator, you can calculate how much the package delivery would cost in your case.
Note: In the case of exports, the customer does not pay VAT. It will be charged to him upon import into the country of which he is a resident.

Yes, products can be picked up in person at the address Bistrica bb, Mojkovac with prior agreement.


Reclamations are possible in the case of non-conformity of the product with the contract or when the product is delivered damaged (or in a faulty condition), and these damages are not a result of improper handling by the buyer.
In this regard, we kindly ask all customers to inspect the received product immediately upon receipt and contact us if they notice any damages.
Address: Them DOO, Bistrica bb, Mojkovac
Phone: +38267 467 539.
In the case of a confirmed raclamation, the cost of returning the product is covered by the seller.

You have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract within 14 (fourteen) days from the date you have recieved the product. An exception is made in the case of a personalized product (custom made products, or products with initials or a custom inscription) when you lose the right to terminate the contract.
To terminate the contract, please send a statement (on our adress or by mail) before the expiration of the above-mentioned deadline, including the following information: full name, address, telephone number, and email address.
In this case, the cost of returning the product is on the buyer.


Yes, we do. After assessing the condition of the gusle and determining if they can be repaired, we provide the owner with a deadline for when the repairs would be completed.

Due to the complexity of transporting old gusle (and the responsibility we take on), we have organized repair services into packages, and that is the only way you can use them.

Of course. In that case, we will replace the strings on the gusle and you can choose a new gusle bow on the page We will try to match the color of the bow to the color of your gusle.

As part of gusle repairs, we also offer you the replacement of certain parts of the gusle, such as bridges.

Reparation process

We give a deadline of 2 to 3 weeks after taking over the gusle. In this way, we ensure the time necessary for your gusle to be safely transported to our workshop and back.

We use goat skin to replace the leather, nylon for the strings on the gusle, and horse hair on the gusle bow.

Customer support

 If you didn't find an answer to your question among the questions listed above, please write to us at the email address: We will respond to you on business days from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Which gusle to buy?

We have available gusle in our stock.
We created a few minute guide with advices based on budget and time you have,
to make it easier for you to pick right one. 😊

Your gusle need refreshment?

We replace strings, skin on kalica, lacquering, repair broken pieces and create once that are missing and etc.
See "before->after" images and sound of gusle after repair process is done 😊