Zapis RTCG - Feature on Đoko Medojević and

Zapis RTCG Broadcast

From Kaludra, near Mojkovac, the Zapis broadcast brings a story about a forgotten craft. Our master craftsman, Đoko Medojević, explains the process of making gusle. As a carpenter, he has been working with wood his whole life, and he has been crafting gusle and woodcarvings for forty years. Gusle used to have much greater value, both emotionally and materially. He mostly makes gusle from maple wood. Each one he makes is unique, and they still feature traditional motifs. Watch the family gusle and much more in the broadcast feature.

Which gusle to buy?

We have available gusle in our stock.
We created a few minute guide with advices based on budget and time you have,
to make it easier for you to pick right one. 😊

Your gusle need refreshment?

We replace strings, skin on kalica, lacquering, repair broken pieces and create once that are missing and etc.
See "before->after" images and sound of gusle after repair process is done 😊